Services for IP right holders


Collaborate with Authorities

ABAC-BAAN functions as the interface between the customs authorities and its members when
suspicious products are intercepted.

The association takes care of the complete administrative follow-up of customs files.

It implements the “simplified procedure” in view of the swift destruction of the counterfeit products.

ABAC-BAAN involves the judicial authorities if required.


Destruction of counterfeit goods

Aims for swift destructions of counterfeit products seized by the authorities.

Introduces requests to that effect with the relevant authorities (public prosecutors, inquiring magistrates,

Provides the assistance requested by the authorities.

Calls upon providers of transport, warehousing as well as destruction services and coordinates the operations under supervision of the authorities if required.


Training authorities

The association participates to training and awareness initiatives for the police, the customs administration, the economic inspection and the public prosecutors and implicates its members in such initiatives and/or represents them.

Conveys specific training requests to its members and helps  implementing those trainings.

Is also involved in consultations and sessions on the working processes of the authorities, legislative initiatives, statistics, etc.

Communicates with the authorities on concerns of its members.


Recovering costs

Training authorities and destructing counterfeit goods cost money to ip rightholders and brands.

Article 21/D of Regulation 608/2013 provides that the trademark proprietor and its agent, namely Abac-Baan, may claim compensation for the damage suffered.

And that is exactly what our litigation service does.


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