Est. 1995

ABAC-BAAN, Defending the interests of IP Right holders in Belgium and Luxembourg

Representing over 100 brands covering luxury goods, cosmetics, common consumer goods, clothing, sports equipments, leather goods, perfumes, toys, etc.
For Who

Let's combat fake goods together


Do you want to report counterfeit? Did you receive an amicable settlement proposal?

IP right holder or Brand

For organizations holder of an IPR to be protected in Benelux

What we do

Abac Baan makes the fight against counterfeiting cost-efficient

Colaborate with Authorities

Representing our members at the customs authorities when suspect products are discovered.

Destruction of counterfeit goods

Facilitating the destruction proces of counterfeit products seized by the authorities

Training Authorities

Implementing trainings, developed by our members, at administrative, inspecting and prosecuting authorities.

Recovering losses

Recovering the costs of counterfeit seizures through settlement proposals or legal action

Membership advantages

Why our members love to work with us

  • The fight against counterfeiting is cost efficient, namely costs are shared by several companies.
  • Joint actions have a greater impact and dissuasive effect
  • The authorities have less interlocutors.
  • As representatives of several right holders the association has more weight in the framework of petitions to public prosecutors, the police, the customs administration, the economic inspection as well as vis-à-vis service providers (warehousing, transport, destruction).
  • Specific assignments = ad hoc arrangements.