Belgian Association Anti-Counterfeiting


For questions or information please reply via e-mail on litigation@abac-baan.be indicating our reference + all information concerning your order (website, screenshot, correspondence by mail,…). Our helpdesk will be available by phone on every working day from 9am to 12am and 1pm to 4pm.

Kindly get in touch with us by e-mail, facsimile, letter or use our contact form of our website. In case of urgency give us a call +32492796520

The price: The only verification a consumer can do is the price verification. If the proposal is too good to be true, it is better to refrain. A superb branded product suddenly available at a ridiculously low price? Suspicious! Is it part of an old collection? Do other sellers offer it in a more expensive price range? Be careful!

Quality: Counterfeit products often have neglected finishings. Does the logo look suspicious to you? Is the packaging made of transparent plastic? Be suspicious!

Professionalism: You usually find counterfeit products on dubious sites. You don’t see a postal address there? The site is full of linguistic errors? The guarantee and the 14-day right of withdrawal are not mentioned anywhere? Then ask yourself questions about the authenticity of the product. And you should also know that even an official photo does not guarantee you an official product.

In addition, here are 10 tips to avoid buying counterfeit products on the Internet:

  • Check the identity of the seller
  • Read reviews from other buyers
  • Check if the site has a trust mark
  • Evaluate the general layout of the website
  • Check your consumer rights
  • Analyze the product illustrations
  • Look at the price of the article
  • Check on the official website the authorized sellers (authorized / black list)
  • https:// Pay with a secure payment method
  • Beware of reconditioned products

IP right holder or Brand

IP right holders can become an Abac-Baan member. Please contact the association by sending an email to info@abac-baan.be or fill in the contact form. Kindly explain the type of violations you are facing in order to enable us to determine the services which might help you.


Abac-Baan is looking for two types of employees. If you are trilingual, if you are an administrative centipede, if you have a strong sense of organization you can join our dynamic team. But our association is also looking for people who are strong in the field. If you have a private detective degree you can join our team of experts in the field.