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Who is ABAC-BAAN vzw/asbl?

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ABAC-BAAN vzw/asbl does everything within the extent of its means to guarantee a smooth functioning, a safe surfing environment and a high degree of accessibility of her website. Nevertheless, the visit of our website is at your own risk. Thus we cannot be held liable for damages directly or indirectly suffered by the use of our site.

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If our website contains content that is contrary to legislation, violates the rights of others or is inappropriate, then we ask our users to notify this. In this way we can remove the inappropriate content partly or completely.

Our website contains information that can be downloaded (texts, pictures, videos, software, etc.). The downloading of information is always at own risk. ABAC-BAAN vzw/asbl is not responsible for possible damages to your computer system or the loss of data by downloading this information.

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We are not responsible for the safe and correct functioning of the linked websites, nor for the content mentioned on the websites. We are therefore not responsible for any (consequential) damages caused by these websites.

The general conditions of the linked websites can be different and not necessarily offer the same guarantees.

Intellectual property rights

Both the content (text material, blog articles, notes, pictures, drawings, videos, audio clips, and so forth)  and the technical side of our website are protected by intellectual property rights. Copyrights, software rights and databank rights are a non-exhaustive list of examples. Every case of breach of our intellectual property rights will be prosecuted.

Processing and protection of personal data

In order to follow up on your questions, ABAC-BAAN vzw/asbl will inevitably request some personal data. We cannot respond to your question if you do not give us your personal data.

ABAC-BAAN vzw/asbl processes your personal data according to the provisions of our privacy statement.

General provisions

Our website can be adjusted, extended or stopped at any random moment.  The visitor cannot claim any compensation for this.

Our general conditions are entirely connected to the conditions in the Belgian Legislation. Incompatibilities will be presented to the competent court.